Ambunu: The must-have!

What are the benefits for the hair?

The African woman gives a particular importance and attention to her hair. Moreover, she is not the only one. At least for those who decide to keep their hair.

But having beautiful, shiny and well-maintained hair is very important for women. Thus, they use many products in order to keep their hair healthy. Among these products, there is ambunu, a plant of the African pharmacopoeia known for the quality hair care it provides. Do you know it? Read on and you will soon learn more about this very effective hair care plant.

What is ambunu?

The African pharmacopoeia is very rich in plants with therapeutic virtues, which allow to maintain a natural health. But, it is not only about the health of our body. It can also be, for example, the health of the hair.

Therefore, ambunu is an African plant known for its virtues in the field of hair health. Found mainly in Chad, Niger, Mozambique and Burkina-Faso, ambunu is a herbaceous, seasonal plant that grows just after the rainy season. Also called Yodo or Yodho, depending on the region, the use of ambunu goes back centuries in the purely Chadian and Nigerian tradition of women. It is clear that the virtues of this plant have been recognized for ages.


Why use ambunu?

You have certainly already used many products for the maintenance of your hair, without having great success. Have you tried natural products like ambunu? You should. Nature offers us everything we need to take care of ourselves, and it does so with great efficiency. So, here are some reasons why you should adopt ambunu in your hair care routine.

Ambunu contains saponins. You're wondering what that is, well, saponins are molecules naturally produced by plants or animals. They have surface-active properties, and allow to make the leaves of the ambunu foam when they come into contact with water. Thanks to this composition, they allow the leaves of the ambunu to clean the scalp and the hair in depth, without attacking them.



The shikakai is a very effective powder in the treatment of hair. It also contains a large amount of saponins. You are probably wondering why we are suddenly talking about shikakai. Well it is to tell you that shikakai is as effective as ambunu in cleaning hair, the latter has an advantage that makes it better than shikakai. Indeed, the ambunu has a sticky texture of its own which facilitates the disentangling of the hair. This gives it a natural revitalizing power.

Thanks to the ambunu, the detangling of the hair becomes much easier. Detangling is a very important step in hair care, so it is crucial to be very gentle with it or risk losing hair, which saves you a lot of time. Ambunu gently washes, moisturizes, strengthens, brings suppleness and softness, brings shine, relieves itching of the scalp, also fights against alopecia (hair loss) and stimulates hair growth.



One might think that ambunu is only good for the hair, but it is not. Ambunu is also used in traditional African medicine for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-diarrheal properties, to name a few. It is also used against diabetes, intestinal problems, fatigue in general.

The properties and virtues of ambunu for both hair and body are of great importance. Moreover, it is completely natural and at a lower cost, contrary to the chemical products that you use. So, opt for the ambunu, it's natural, and economical.