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Find your roots and dive into the heart of the Purest African Tradition, thanks to Ambunu. This plant, well known to the women of the Sahel, is used to repair all the external aggressions that your hair can undergo today: pollution, repeated coloring, stress, frequent straightening or even ethnic hairstyles such as dreadlocks and braids.

Ambumu | Essential Care Plus

The use of this plant-herbaceous in the care of the hair goes back to centuries in the purely Chadian and Nigerian tradition of the women. Indeed, women used Ambunu to wash their hair, untangle it and bring them a maximum of flexibility and hydration. It is a natural washing and emollient plant which strengthens the hair, brings shine and volume. Ambunu helps to prevent dryness of the scalp and therefore reduces hair loss.

Ambunu For Hair | Essential Care Plus


Before being used in hair care, Ambunu is primarily an edible plant that is also used in cooking as a vegetable. Its leaves and flowers can be chopped and prepared in sauces.

Used with water, this product is a healthy and natural alternative to your usual shampoo. Don't wait any longer to make it the perfect partner in your beauty routine!