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Chebe is the hair secret of an African ethnic group from Tchad known for their naturally very long and coarse hair that notoriously extends beyond the buttocks. They coat their hair with a homemade mixture that keeps it super hydrated and lubricated, which is why they say their hair never breaks, even from childhood.

To use the Chebe Powder, combine a hair cream (Jet Cream) and oil with a teaspoon of the powder to make a paste. Wet your hair, then alternate between this mixture and the Chebe powder until the hair is completely saturated. Re-braid and re-wet your hair. Repeat this regimen every 3-5 days to nourish long, strong hair that grows to the length you desire.

Chebe powder is made with all-natural ingredients that lock moisture into the hair, leaving it super moisturized, breakage resistant and promoting hair growth.

The powder works much better with the Jet Cream. Please see our catalog if you need both.

The Chebe powder is all natural as it is obtained after grinding the Chebe seeds.