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Spirulina Smoothie Recipe

Spirulina Smoothie Recipe Spirulina is a nutritious green algae packed with essential vitamins and minerals. For best results, take with a natural sweetener such as honey or maple syrup in smoothies or juices for optimal consumption. This blue spirulina smoothie features fresh fruits combined with hearty spinach and kale for…

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Add Spirulina Powder to Smoothies, Drinks, Desserts and Baked Goods

Add Spirulina Powder to Smoothies, Drinks, Desserts and Baked Goods It’s easy to add spirulina powder to smoothies, drinks, desserts and baked goods. The vibrant cyan blue color will brighten up your recipes. It has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can help reduce chronic inflammation, a contributing…

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What Are the Ingredients in a Hair Conditioner

What Are the Ingredients in a Hair Conditioner? Hair conditioner is an after-shampoo moisturizer that replenishes lost moisture to strands, smooths them to produce a glossy finish and prevents split ends from developing. Conditioners contain ingredients like lipids, emollients and oils which work to form a barrier that retains moisture…

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“Lake Chad Spirulina: Freshly Granulated by Essential Care Plus”

Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Lake Chad Spirulina: Why Essential Care Plus Stands Out In the heart of Africa lies Lake Chad, a region brimming with natural wonders and cultural richness. Amidst its vast expanse, a hidden gem thrives – Lake Chad spirulina, renowned for its exceptional nutritional benefits. At…

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