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Jet Cream

Jet Cream

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Jet Cream is a hair cream used with Chebe powder by Chadian women. They mix this cream with oil and Chebe powder for hair care.

Formulated with the most medically advanced, active organic ingredients

  • Enhance your hair growth
  • Prevents premature greying and gives a fabulous sheen to the hair,
  • Controls hair fall by strengthening hair root
  • Nourishes your scalp, relieves itchiness, dryness (dandruff), and improves memory power.
  • Beards booster.

Apply Sparingly to the hair scalp, make sure it gets on the scalp very well to qualify scalp treatment. Manage gently then style hair thoroughly

It aids hair growth.

chébé + jet cream pour vos cheveux


Choose JET Cream

Fragile and dry, your hair needs a real hair routine. It needs to be gently washed and intensely nourished. Your best asset for long and strong hair is here.

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